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Google PageRank Checker tool Online:

Google PageRank or Google PR is a mathematical algorithm methods that Google applies to find out a page's relevance or importance in positioning your site in search results. If your site matches the google rule and have some Important in google’s eye then it will get a higher PageRank and hence will be in the upper results of google searches. So Google PageRank is a measure from 0 – 10 dividing quality site to 10 and low quality site to 0 and thus the numbering in between these two. Google Page rank is grounded on backlinks and other factor that google uses to determine your site quality. If your site have more quality backlinks then higher Google Pagerank you own. By improving your Google page ranking you can get a good position in Google search results.

There are about 486M domain names in the world and 137М domains with PageRank between 0 and 9 in the set and all other than 137M domains the rest have only (N/A) status that mean they have not still counted in the page rank category by Google. This free pagerank calculator Seo tool will show you only homepage pagerank not the link pagerank. Other than check Google pagerank of your domains or blogs you can also find backlinks by Open Site Explorer, moz Domain Authority (DA), Alexa Rank, DMOZ, moz Page Authority (PA), Domain age and website history that what your site position is. So you can analyze your link that how much your link have authority to be in search results. 

Why Pagerank is Important for Site:

Google PageRank is an  important part of SEO  or search engine optimization because it is owned by Google ranking system that reveals that how much it is important for  website or web page to calculating link popularity, keyword and content and how much your site will rank in the result. So in the list of about 400 ranking factors the PageRank is one of the basic factor that increase your site ranking.